SUPER FIT LEVEL 1 & 2: A 1 hour total body strength training and cardiovascular workout , designed to build muscle and boost metabolism by uniting "old school" bodybuilding lifts with contemporary low impact aerobic and interval techniques.  A fast track to overall fitness and the perfect complement to machine based training.  This class primarily uses dumbbells, but also employs bars, benches, steps, bands, and balls.  

YOGA:  ​A 1 hour Hatha Yoga class with a focus on gentle and sustained stretching in a calm and peaceful setting.  This class is designed to maximize the mind/body connection and foster balance, range of motion, joint health, and mental well being.  Ideal for bodybuilders and other athletes seeking to improve their posture, flexibility, mind/muscle connection, and contest posing.  This class is taught by Tara Bruno who is a holistic health expert and certified yoga instructor .  This unique class features stretching props and candlelight and aromatherapy to enhance relaxation.  This class is suitable for all levels.  Beginners will carefully be guided with basic moves and advanced practitioners will be led to higher levels.

Tuesday:       10:00AM- Super Fit Level 1 with Brad CareyCPT


Thursday:      10:00AM- Super Fit Level 1 with Michael Tank CPT                 

Saturday:     10:00AM-  Super Fit Level 2 with Jennifer

Saturday:      11:00AM- Chill Stretch Yoga with Drew

* All classes included in membership