Dan Rollo

Daniel Ritchie

Titan Gym offers a variety of independent certified personal trainers available for members to hire.  Our members have over twelve Certified Personal Trainers to choose from to help them achieve their fitness goals. Below are a few of our outstanding trainers.

I have completed my 4 year degree in Exercise Science, and a 200 clinical hour internship. I have a wide array of personal experience coupled by rigorous research. I intend to give you the most optimal and safe workout for our goals.


 Sean Phou
I am an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) certified and insured Personal Trainer with a minor study in nutrition. My approach for every client involves an initial consultation in which we discuss realistic and attainable goals, time frame, nutrition in general and commitment goals. 

Kimo Kinsey


Skip Hill


My name is Kimo and I'm an NFPT certified personal trainer at Titan gym. I've been in the business 20+ years including as veteran Army Trainer. Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, improve strength, stamina or mobility or put on serious muscle mass, I can help you get to your goals.  Find me on FB Body Transformations by Kimo to schedule free consultation today.


I am ACE certified and an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.. I have been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years and am a competitive bodybuilder. I take a developmental approach, which allows me to tailor your training program to specifically meet your needs. I specialize in weight training, with extensive knowledge in biomechanics, and kinesiology. I am able to optimize your individualized training program which will enable you to learn to lift weights correctly and efficiently , resulting in decreased  body fat, increased lean muscle mass , improved posture and mobility, and decreased pain.